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We Offer A Few Automation Devices In Our Store But Our Alarm Panels Integrate To Much More!


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*Theoretically the Napco Z-Wave alarm panel can connect to any Z-Wave 300 or 500 protocol device and some older 100 devices as well but this is a list of the known brands.


Lighting Dimmers
In Touch CA600
GE JASCO ZW3003 (*45612)
Leviton VRI06-1LZ
Evolve LRM-AS
Evolve LRM-1000
Home Settings HA03
GE JASCO ZW3101 (*45602)
Leviton VRP03-1LW
Evolve LDM-15

Lighting Switches
GE 46505
Leviton VRR15-1LZ
In Touch CA3500
Evolve LOM-15

Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007
Radio Thermostat of America CT30
In Touch CA8900

Schlage FE599NX CAM 619ACC
Schlage BE369NX CAM 619
Kwikset 910TRL ZW 15 SMT
Kwikset 912TNL TRL ZW 15SMT
Yale YRDD220-619-ZWxxxx
Yale YRDD210-619-ZWxxxx

Other Equipment
Leviton VRF01-1LZ Ceiling Fan Switch
Leviton VRCZ4-M0Z Wall Scene Controller
Home Settings HA05 Screw In Light Bulb


Lighting Dimmers & Switches
GE 12724 wired dimmer
GE12772 wired switch
GE12721 wired outlet switch
GE ZW3003 wired dimmer
GE 45614 3 way wired binary switch
Jasco ZW3105 (28170) wired dimmer
Jasco ZW4104 (28172) plug in switch
Leviton VRPA1 and DZPA1 plug in binary switch
Leviton VRMX1 and DZMX1 wired dimmer
Leviton VR106 wall mount wired dimmer
Leviton VRS15 and DZS15 wired binary switch
Leviton VRR15 and DZR14 wired outlet switch

Honeywell Thermostat TH8320ZW1000
Radio Thermostat CT110
Radio Thermostat CT101
Remotec ZTS-110US thermostat
Smart Thermostat B36-T10 RB
Trane TZ45 thermostat
Trane XL624 touch thermostat

Kwikset 910 TRL ZW motorized deadbolt door lock
Kwikset 912 TRL ZW door lock with handle
Kwikset 914 TRL ZW motorized deadbolt door lock
Kwikset 916 Touch Screen Deadbolt
Schlage FE599 door lock with handle
Schlage BE369 NON-motorized deadbolt door lock
Schlage BE469 motorized dead bolt door lock
Yale YRD220-ZW-619 motorized deadbolt door lock
Yale YRD210-ZW-619 motorized deadbolt door lock

Other Equipment
Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener
NuTone NGD00Z garage door opener
Aeotec ZW056 Door Bell

No items found.
Our Most Common Integration Questions
What Is Integration or Automation?

Integration on this website means getting home or building devices such as lights, locks, cameras, gates, shades, and many other devices to be operated from our alarm system or mobile app. Automation is something we can setup after we have integrated everything. Automation allows you to have daytime or nighttime scenes that for instance lock all the doors, turn off all the lights and close gates/garages for the evening in a single button press or on a schedule.

What Is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a universal language that most tech companies have adopted to control their devices and communicate to other devices. We can have locks, lights, motors, doors, gates, pumps, valves, shades, pool pumps and more, all work together on schedules with Z-Wave. You can find Z-Wave devices any any local hardware store. Just look for Z-Wave thermostats on any HVAC aisle. Most all work with our systems. You can add your own devices from any store, as long as they are Z-wave and speak the newer Z-Wave 300 or 500 protocols.

Do The Devices Have To Be Z-Wave?

Yes, with exception to our cameras we offer, all devices have to be Z-Wave to work with our alarm systems. You also must purchase an alarm system that has a color touchpanel for Z-Wave to be an option. The numeric keypads don't support Z-Wave. Just about any newer Z-Wave device works with our system but not all for sure.

How Many Devices Do I Have To Add?

You can add as few as 1 automation device or as many as 255. If you build a very large network of Z-Wave devices, a range extender is recommended or multiple of them are recommended. Our online store has them available.


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