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Napco provides low cost systems that are affordable and perfect for small homes/apartments/businesses. Napco doesn't offer a repeater for their wireless sensors, so the range of the sensor itself is the full distance possible. Clear line of site, they work up to 300+ Feet.

Realistically inside a normal building with sheetrock interior walls, about 60-80ft. is the maximum distance. Our sales agents can provide an in person consultation at your location, or we can hold a video chat to see your building layout. Also floor plans can be sent.

Alarm Systems

Alula is a manufacture of elegant alarm systems with sleek and slim devices. The Alula software has an extremely up to date and modern look. They offer sensor and keypad repeaters which allows for maximum distance applications such as large homes or businesses.

Alula and Napco both offer a zone expander to hook up existing wired sensors to their systems. Alula offers a wide range of cameras and Z-Wave home automation devices or integrations to them. For the true smart home or business, Alula is the best choice.

Alarm Systems
we configure your entire system


Browse cost effective Napco systems, or elegant Alula systems

Napco alarm systems are great for small apartments/homes or businesses. They are cost effective but their devices are slightly shorter range on the wireless connectivity. So using them on less than 2500sf spaces is a must.
Alula alarm systems are best for medium to large homes or businesses. They come with long range sensors & repeaters to extend sensors or keypads much further distances. Hardwired sensor options are available for extreme long distance challenges.


Standard System Functions Listed Below Apply to All Systems

Mobile / Web App

All alarm systems come standard with a mobile application that controls the system. In the app you can arm/disarm & manage.

Monitored or Self-Monitor

Any system comes standard with self-monitoring via notifications on the app, or you can add central station monitoring.

Built in Ethernet/Cell Radio

Each system has to connect to your app or the central station via the internet. Each system comes w/ ethernet & cell radios.

View Cameras

Add cameras and view them in the app or directly on the alarm color touchpanel.

Connected & Configured

All systems are delivered fully connected to the app and a monitoring station.

Wired & Wireless Sensors

Both systems mostly offer wireless sensors but also have a wired sensor expander.

Adjust Temp / Open Doors

With smart home Z-Wave devices, you can adjust a thermostat or unlock doors.

Unlimited Tech Support

We can assist you throughout any process. If you decide to self-install, we can help.

3-10Yr Sensor Batteries

Our wireless sensors have 3-10 years of life on a single battery change.

Common Questions About This Service
Which Items Should I Select?

Each situation is different. We can consult in person, live chat or over the phone to learn about your property layout. If you choose to tackle it alone, just pick an alarm kit in our online store and start adding sensors or monitoring if desired. If you miss something, we will discover it in our quick onboarding call together later.

Who Configures This Equipment?

All equipment is fully setup with usernames, passwords, zone or camera names applied and any other details you wish to have pre-setup prior to delivery. We set the time, time zones, file backup rules and much more. Systems can ship pre-configured to a central station monitoring center as well.

Who Installs This Equipment?

You have 3 main choices we could imagine. First, you can self-install the equipment with our assistance to keep costs low. The Napco system is fully battery operated and sticks up on the wall, so it's simple for people who like to self-install. Second, you could hire our technicians to install it, if desired. The third option is to hire a local alarm installation company, and we can assist them remotely if needed.

Can I Self-Monitor Instead of Monthly Monitoring?

Absolutely! You can even turn monitoring on and off depending on needs or budgets that month. Our systems are designed flexible, so you can change at anytime. If monitoring, we just require a 30 day notice to cancel. All systems have a base cell radio fee each month, even if only self-monitoring. The system can't reach your app, if it can't reach the internet. Each system is dual path communication, so you can plug in ethernet but it doesn't require it due to the cell radio as the primary communication method. The radio fee is roughly $12mo on any system.