Sync Security Cameras With Your Alarm System

Alula & Napco Cameras

Alula & Napco cameras can be viewed on the alarm mobile app, or directly on the alarm touchscreen.

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Alula offers the widest range of cameras and the highest image quality between the two brands.

Alula Cameras

Napco offers a low cost video doorbell and outdoor dome camera, with ethernet and WiFi built in.

Napco Cameras
Video Doorbell
See who is at the door

Outdoor cameras

Open the Door or Garage


Most Common Questions About Cameras
Do the Cameras Require Cabling?

Every security camera we offer requires at least a power cable to an electrical outlet. Each brand does offer a power over ethernet (poe) option camera which you can run a cat5 or cat6 cable to. If not, the camera will require it's 12v DC power cord to be extended to an electric outlet. Then that camera would have to be within range of the building WiFi for internet. The cameras must be under 60ft. from the WiFi in normal conditions and less footage in a dense wall situation. Call our sales agents for a free in person or over the phone consultation.

Who Installs These Cameras?

You can definitely self-install this system with our free onboarding team on the phone if desired. An alternative is to have our team survey your property, and we can send our installers to put all required cabling in place. Call or chat below with our sales team for an installation quote.

Do I Need an Alarm System to Have Cameras?

No, you can operate just a single camera inside our mobile if needed. Up to 6 cameras can be added to any mobile app user account. Each camera comes with a small monthly fee for using our cloud app to view them. We offer other systems which have no monthly fees but don't work with alarm systems, if you need that instead. Call for more info. We don't list those cameras online and can send info via email instead.

Can I See the Cameras on the Alarm Touchpanel?

Yes, all of our brands offer cameras or video doorbells that can be seen on their alarm touchpanel. You must have at least 1 touchpanel and not all numeric keypads. Keypads don't have color screens to view the cameras on, so you must purchase at least 1.


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